The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player not the chess piece – Ralph Charell


For Change….

I’d like to introduce myself and welcome you to my reason for taking this journey.

At the grande age of 44 years I have two children and three grandchildren and I am so proud of them, love is my achilles heel….for my family, my friends, my aquaintances, etc. I just love love.

The reason I have decided to start this blog is to help others, to bring awareness to those that don’t understand the daily struggle of “Silent Illness”

“I do things in pain levels others wouldn’t even consider moving at because if I don’t….I won’t have a life! This does not mean I’m having a good day I just managed to be stronger than it for part of a day” – Quotes Creator

It’s like a vicious circle but I plan to work towards not being so vicious, concentrating on the things that enable me to cope with daily life….

Craft n DIY Projects.

Family & Relationships


Learning Mindfulness & Relaxation


Purchasing, Shopping n Deals



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