When You Have Items To Return 🤷🏽‍♀️ keeps me going….

OMG!! My granddaughters Christening on Sunday just gone (28 January 2018), n have been housebound since. Fibromyalgia has no rules or regulations, I try to make myself know I can think myself better BUT there are no rules and regulations with this condition!!

Like a dreamer, I had parcels to return on items I had ordered for myself and my daughter to return Boohoo, I had to force myself to shower n get dressed to go to the Collect+ destination!! My daughter had tried previously so I felt I had to go do it myself….plus I had a medical form from DVLA and an ESA form that was past it’s due date so I had to do it!!

I was in excruciating pain n didn’t want to do it but I needed the refund and I cannot deal with my benefits stopping as I’m due to have an operation on 9 February 2018!! Halfway to the Collect+ point I felt pangs of pain but I kept on going, by the time I dropped the parcel n bought the stamp needed for the DVLA form the pain was so unbearable that I got scarred that I wouldn’t be able to make it home in this body that God has blessed me with….I stopped more times than I wanted to but I had to talk myself through the very short journey.

I made it home, with tears in my eyes and gasping through the shots of pain so by the time I got to my sofa I felt like I was breathing through contractions (no drama). I was so grateful to have made it to my sofa, even through the pain that when the pain slowly decreased (though it was still there) I thanked the good Lord Almighty 🙏🏾 I’m now stuck to my sofa, poor thing, sitting here going over the projects that I want to complete….setting myself challenges!!

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