Whatever Happened To Customer Services In Shops??

I don’t get a chance to go out that much due to my condition, I get tired easily and I can’t walk that far without pain engulfing my body….I had a hospital appointment at Lewisham Hospital n thought I’d go to TK Maxx to get a cross-body bag (practical without a car) so I could walk with my stick and my usual supplies, all my other bags were showing huge signs of disrepair so the mission was on!! I was exhausted and in a huge amount of pain already so why not push myself a lil further for a 10 minute browsing session????!

Entering the store from the street the bags are nicely positioned on the right as you enter, I get to the second aisle and I’m standing there flitting between browsing and using my phone….by instinct I swerved out of the way of a swinging bag!!!! Now, I am short in height but I am not invisible!!!! As I said I was in a lot of pain n I admit I can be very snappy when I’m feeling like this so I took a deep breath and continued with the browsing, managing to get to the second aisle where I stopped to check my phone. Unfortunately I was standing between the mirrored post and the bags on display where there was less than 4” space….again, by instinct I automatically swerved, instead of the bags the girl was coming at me….I couldn’t hold it in anymore as I found it so disrespectful her launching bags or herself at me with my lil ole walking stick tryna stand there stable!!!!

I said “excuse me! I think your really rude”, she responded (while still launching the bags at the hooks) “sorry!”, I said “You nearly hit me with bags on the 1st aisle, I moved n now you try n ease yourself through me without saying “excuse me”, I find that rude”, she replied “I am not rude, I am SO not rude”, I said “But you are, “excuse me” its so easy to say! Again she said “I am not rude”, I then asked her for her name as I wanted to talk to her manager about the situation which I explained to her. As I walked around looking for someone with a “manager” badge or something I saw the girl standing with a couple of other girls, I really couldn’t identify which one was the manager until the girl kindly introduced her saying “I’ve already told my manager what happened”!!!!!! The manager asked the girl to go to lunch but she just stood there….I asked her “why are you here” she replied “because I am”!!!! The manager and I asked her to leave/ go to lunch, I was SO proud of myself that I kept my cool and didn’t blast her out of the TK Maxx water!!!!

I explained what had occurred earlier in the store to the manager, how upset I was and the fact that I had NEVER had such an experience especially as a frequent shopper with them be it in-store or online. The manager said she would have a word with the girl but I don’t hold much hope, it’s really sad to be honest. Simple politeness does not cost a lot, even with my grandchildren, the youngest being one, I practice the ‘please’ n ‘thank you’s’. I feel like I’m being a proper granny when I get like this because manners means so much I don’t get why it’s so hard for some.

The point of this article is not to take away from yourself the goodness in your heart. You cannot control the way people react towards you, just know yourself. I had to keep talking to myself to keep my temper in check but it worked n I am SO proud….

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