Quick Sunday Project

I had been in Primarni (Primark) before my hospital stay n came across this cute little box of lights which I purchased as it was a quick fix to a project I am yet to complete on my long list!!!! This involved fairly lights, mini clothes pegs, an A3 photo frame n many pictures….except this lil find was ’20 LED Peg Lights’ for £2.50!!!!

As I’ve been unwell n stuck in bed I took a look at a folder on my phone titled ‘Quotes’ (this folder is a compilation of quotes I had accumulated over many kinds of social media), so I thought it was an ideal time to divert my thoughts AND to do something from my list….which, by the way is in my head!!!!

Over the week I had slowly printed off A5 sized copies of these quotes (cutting the A4 in half making it A5 then around the borders if any)!! The photo paper was purchased from Poundland.

A4 Photo Paper (Poundland)

There a whole lot more quotes in the folder but I wanted the ones that I could wake up to n feel inspired, motivated and positive as they will eventually hang above my bed or my chest of drawers in my bedroom.

Once I had a fair collection to cover the expanse of LED copper wiring I used the lil pegs to secure the photographs.

LED Light (Primark)

Lil Pegs (Primark)
Photo, LED n Pegs 🙌🏾 (Poundland n Primark)

Once I source 3 AA batteries n it gets a lil darker I will put up a picture of the pictures 😉

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