Four Layers….

We are in the middle of some mad weather, the worst in 30 years they say….so why did my boiler decide to abandon me in my time of need??!!!!

As soon as I noticed the temperature drop I went n felt the radiator which was ice cold! I immediately went to the boiler which had decided to go on holiday without a forwarding address!!!!

I’d seen the travesties on the news, n was scared for others…. it’s a different story when its happening to you!!

My Daddy (God Rest His Blessed Soul) had taught me how to do for myself but I’ve only been here a year n wasn’t familiar with the boiler so I didn’t wanna risk it….we talking bout Gas honey!! *Paranoia*

I knew it was to do with the pressure but didn’t know what to do….so I called the Housing!!!! They told me there was NO record of my disability so I wasn’t a priority I would have to wait a week or so….now….I been trying to keep my temper in check so I tried my best to stay calm….explaining my various conditions BUT I was told there was no evidence BUT on this occasion after much pleading I was given a 24hr appointment!!!! Immediate panic set in, I was thinking everyone has issues in the cold n I was gonna be left to suffer in the cold n my body was going to reflect a pain I didn’t need right now (especially as I’m recovering from surgery)….or at any time!!!!

I was put on a 24hr call out which turned out to be 29hrs. The engineer was lovely he sorted the heating n it was all good….i was excited to have heating n hot water….but when I woke the next day stretching made me scream out….it was freezing….the boiler had gon on va-ca AGAIN!!!!

I called the contractor but was told they couldn’t deal with me direct they had to have a job number from my Housing!! I phoned the Housing n was put in a queue but was cut off….I was crushed so phoned my friend who calmed me….phoned Housing again n met the same “issue” of NO disabilities listed n again I pleaded n was put on another 24hr….I was on pins….so anxious!!!!

My son n pal (whom i have trust in) tried to fix it….which they did but again I woke to a stiff body n coldness but I thought I’d hold out for the engineer!! In the meantime my son found out I was in the cold n was unhappy that I hadn’t told him….but I had been concentrated on the 24hr call out but he was MAD!! But in reality what can you do? This is a professional issue….I was scared of the consequences but what could I do….I knew I’d have to ride the pain!! When the engineer did arrive I explained I had done the boiling kettle water thing (seen on the news) but had no joy!! When he had done the tests he went outside n it was the copper pipe (NOT the white pipe) that I had been nursing that was leaking….but it would take a week for the part to arrive (standard) but I can go on eBay for next day))!!!!

I am still waiting!! I have an appointment for the engineer BUT to wait this long with these “issues” I’m upset!! Having to restart the boiler more than 6 times a day or standardly sitting in the cold….Find The Calm n Breath šŸ™šŸ¾

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