It’s Good To Talk

It’s no secret….for the past 6 months my health has suffered immensely and I’ve been left with no energy, feeling cut off n isolated! Since having the operation on my armpit I’ve felt even worse….but I know it will be worth it!!

I’ve got so much ideas on projects I’d like to complete, things I’d like to do….but I’m constantly hit by fatigue n pain so leaping in with both feet to blog about my adventures have been put on hold! I haven’t given up though, I still intend to follow through but I need to be more patient with myself and others n leave the unnecessary, unhelpful behaviour at the door!!

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to have my son’s partner and granddaughter visiting today (which was lovely) which was lovely as the lil one had been unwell n was now back on her feet n playing again.

Amongst other things we spoke about our sons n the difficulties that may arise when it comes to schools. My son had a really difficult time at school not of the fighting kind but more the concentrating n learning kind. Even on his 1st day of reception I explained that his concentration wasn’t on point, his ways of concentrating might be distracting n being able to sit still was hard but I, as his mother, was not listened to!! His whole time at school was a constant battle but not one that I was going to let lie, at the age of 15 he was diagnosed with ADHD which was no surprise to me BUT it also made me angry as I felt this should have been done from the beginning of Primary School but anyway it was a conclusion.

While talking it reminded my son’s girlfriend of a program she had watched on 12 March 2018 called Being Blacker (BBC2) so when they left for the school run I decided to watch it on iPlayer! As I spent a large amount of my childhood in Brixton I immediately recognised the guy and the shop he owned. It was a very frank and emotional programme which I found really heartwarming. Especially when you could hear the music playing in the background, which bought me back to sitting with my Dad in front of his stereo system playing those tunes when I was little. The old pictures of his parents n his siblings….it just reminded me of the then n now but from another prospective.

I would definitely recommend watching.

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