Another One….

A quick and easy Sunday project….

I really enjoy collecting unusual bottles, glasses, etc!!

So setting the scene….my good friend had a pre-Birthday celebration starting with a Bottomless Brunch at West Bar & Grill in Canary Wharf (which wasn’t enjoyable (a post will follow)) with her children. From there her and her children were going to enjoy a weekend stay in a swanky hotel and spa so she invited me to have drinks with them and enjoy the facilities. Due to my operation I had to decline the facilities but of course I went for drinks heheheeeee!!

One of the purchases was a bottle of Freixenet Prosecco!! The bottle it came in was super sexy so I asked my friend to bring the bottle home with her as I immediately thought of a crafting project!! I had previously purchased a LED wine bottle stopper string light….do you get where I’m going with this?………!! Let me show you….A BottleA BottleLED Bottle StopperLED Bottle Stopper

Bottle & LED Bottle Stopper

The outcome was absolutely beautiful!! I plan to use it indoors and also in the garden, in fact, I initially intended to attach them to my fences but to be honest with the ever changing weather I doubt that would be a good idea as I’m not sure if the LED light is waterproof!! But Hey Presto….

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